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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

letter h

Tot School

Noarai is currently 22 months old

1. We are using the materials of rock start preschool for circle time ( this week Lucia joined us several times.

a) Here we are using the memory verse prop and learning the memory verse on the learning poster.

b) In this one she’s stacking the vocabulary cards in color, to the vocabulary cards in grey. She loves to hide them all over the family room, find them and run to the learning poster to stick them.

2. We made our H for House ( ). She’s getting pretty good at glueing.

3. We worked in breakfast, lunch and dinner on our capital letters. She loves to go over the alphabet saying “N for Noarai, L for Lucia…” I stick it on the wall with a plastic bag and she always starts the game. ( )

4. We played h hunting with soup letters. I gathered lots of letter h and a few of others. She did it great, she really has a good view:). Then we stuck the letters to an H.
5. We practiced our writing skills. She usually does horizontal pretty well and we are working on vertical. We use a plastic bag and this way we can practice every day. She’s right hand writing but she loves to practice with both hands. This is way she’s writing with the left.

6. We made our H for Hands ( She loved this one, she worked drawing hands with mommy but she did the painting and glueing alone. Look at her new happy face it’s really funnyJ.
7. Each Friday we are going to cook something special for the Sabbath. This Friday we made lemonade and sausage bread. a) In the pictures you can see her: squeezing lemons and pouring the lemonade in to cups from the pan.
b) She did great stirring (water, wheat, oil, salt) then she introduced the cut sausage in the mix and finally she decorated with raisins.
Baby school 1. We played with foil paper.

2. I tied shakers to her wrist and she investigated action and reaction (when I moved my hands she heard the sound)

3. We enjoyed black and white shapes on the swing. I read about the sight development in the pregnancy and that they like black and white, but I was a bit skeptical. I put her in the swing with the beautiful fish that came with the swing but she didn’t look at them. I put these shapes and she opened her eyes and looked at them as though something gorgeous was there.

4. We smelled natural candles and loved them.

5. We played with the babies dolls. Can you guess who is the real baby here?
Mommy's favorite, at the swimming pool with my friend Cristineta!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe you get all that done with such young kids! My four year old is rebelling against several of the preschool elements! (We are also using the Raising Rock Stars Preschool.)


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