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Friday, November 19, 2010

Daddy's time Friday

After fighting with the computer i've found the way of making my Daddy's time Friday button. You are welcome to link your post about daddy's time with your children and add this button to your post. This way we can show our daddy's some words of love weekly:)

I want to start with a funny sight of our early afternoons: Noarai in the front watching "the letter factory", Daddy in the middle playing playstation and Lucia at the end watching "baby signing time":) A quiet moment on the day!!!

Daddy's exercisses!

Daddy's meals, a monster and a buzzy bee. Yummy!!! Daddy's video time!! We've made a folder in the computer with Noarai's favorite's you tube songs. And they enjoy watching them.


  1. What a wonderful idea to have special Daddy's time Fridays!! It looks like they're having such a great time- & what fun memories!:) I look forward to linking up in the future!

  2. I linked up last week's post because we had a lot of daddy time in it. Hope that is okay. Will add your button to the post too.
    I love this idea.


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