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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lucia 6.5 months boxes

My pre-toddler is getting more receptive each day. So this week I have scheduled 10 minutes of learning time together each day (apart from bible time). I prepared boxes for her. Each day she had one new box so at the end of the week she played with 5 boxes.

Monday we had fun with shakers i made from rice, noodles and beans on recycle containers.

Tuesday we had fun with a mommy's scarf through a toilet paper tube.

On Wednesday we played hide and seek with our stacking cups. I was amazed with this one because she looked for the rectangle instead of eating the cup.

On Thursday we practiced our slithering habilities. I helped her with my hand and she did a great job arriving to the tiger.

On Friday she made her first music production

While we had lunch she practiced her bouncing skills. And she jumped for her very first time:)

She also has practiced her balance skills with the big bear.

Finally we have had a smooth week on sibling playing time, they have enjoy playing with each other without whinings, or cryings.

And for Friday morning Lucia has stand on four legs for her very first time.

I'm beggining Daddy's time Friday. I want to make a weekly post to show some words of love to my husband about the time he expends with the girls. Come over and link up your Daddy's time, here you've got the code:

I'm linking them to:

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  1. I love all the fun things you are doing with your sweet little one. Some great fun.

  2. Love the scarf through the tube! Such wonderful activities! Kerri


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