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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas fun and boxes

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

Tot School

We had fun preparing all Noarai's presents for the family. Here she was preparing cards. She stamped her fingers and then we made Reindeers (I dind't bookmark the blog where I found it, if it is yours please tell me) After that she glued pompoms as a nose. She loved this activity.
 One rainy day we got our waterproof jackets on, our umbrellas, our boots and had a rainy walk. We stamped on the puddles, found snails, and discover the raindrops on the leaves.

 For more presents we went outside to look for pines, then painted them and glittered them. After drying the paint I had to painted with glue so that the glitter stuck.
 Another christmas present was this from the amazing mess
 After finishing all the presents we started to wrap them. This took us the hole week, but she wrapped all of her presents and stuck circle sticks with the names.

 On bible time we had fun playing the birth of baby Jesus. Mary was Noarai and she delivered baby Jesus and swadled him. After this day she changed her baby at bed time for baby Jesus and breastfed him as well. I don't know if I had a good idea with this.

1. A cup and miniclothespins.

2. Colored sticks and matching hair ties.
 3. Gloves practice, with some necklace, bracelet, glasses. And of course a mirror.

 4. This was a hit this week.
 5. A bag with mini books. She had a blast with this box, she went to it all day long.
 She had a creative idea of rearraging the different parts of the hairties box. I love her proud smile:)
 Mommy's favorite is Noarai with her beautiful smile and Lucia with her attention on her. Lucia loves her bigsister.
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