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Sunday, December 12, 2010

letter q

The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft Collection

Tot School

On computer time we enjoyed this letter videos very much: quack, quack polka and the letter q.
Our Nursery Rhyme has been We're going on a bear hunt: this family video was her favorite one and this clapping video was her second favorite one.
On Letter q activities:
1. Noarai made her q for quail. She traced a lowercase q, glued the peak and feet in cardstock and some feathers. She also enjoyed this video of quails.

2. She sorted by size this quilt with my help. But she managed well 4 sizes.

3. She sorted lowercase and uppercase q from here.
4. She made her q for quack. She glued ducks.

5. She filled each circle with chestnuts and painted each circle.

6. She painted her memory verse"Behold I come quickly" from here.

7. She stamped and sticked each circle of the q for quilt (same link of the lowercase and uppercase sorting).

This week Noarai has played a lot Row, row, row your boat with Lucia. I love it.
 I invite all of you to link up on Daddy's time Friday. Just pick some pictures of your hubby with the children and show him some words of love. He will really like it, and it's a blessing to share it. Please grab my button. I can't wait to see all your husbands posts:).


  1. "We're going on a bear hunt" is definately a big hit in our family too. I love the recording of the text peformed by the author himself. Besides, I write to say thatI like your activities a lot. Love from Poland

  2. Another great week! Thanks for sharing. Sorry I did not link up on Friday. We had company in from out of town and am just getting back to blogging. Kerri

  3. Nice!! Love the quilt activity. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I've been browsing around on your blog today and have to say we LOVE the bear hunt song! We just learned it a couple weeks ago in our library story time and then we found the one they do in our library on you tube. Here's the link in case you like it too.


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