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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiny talk Tuesday

Noarai is our first daughter, and she's 2 years old. Since the day she was born, we have called her princess. And when we asked her:"who is my princess?" She used to answer "me". We had our second daughter 7 months ago. And this week we have been laughing a lot because when we asked her "Are you my princess?" She answered "No, princess no. I'm a big sister". She really loves her baby sister:)

I invite you to Daddy's time Friday on my Blog. Just pick some pictures of your husband with the kids and show him some words of love, grab my button and link back.


  1. That's so sweet about your little princess, now BIG sister! Visiting from over at Tiny Talk hop.

  2. Awwww...THAT is so precious! I love that she has adopted the role so well!

  3. Such a sweetie. Isn't that sweet that being a big sister is tops with her over being a princess.

    Hoping to link up again with Daddy Time Friday. My camera is out of batteries and I can't find the battery charger, so pictures aren't happening this week :(


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