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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Words of wisdom Wednesday

First of all I have to say that Noarai loves being with people. Every day before bed time I ask her "what was your favorite thing of the day?" she usually says "daddy, or yaya..." the person that she has been playing with that day.
When I asked her "Why do we celebrate Christmas?" she said "for anty, for tata, for tete and uncle" We are living in Spain and since August my sister (anty) and her family are living in Miami. Well for Noarai we celebrate Christmast for them:)
Then I adapted the question for her and asked her "Whose birthday is on Christmas?" she answered "Baby Jesus"
And finally after explaining her that we are not going to see her beloved anty, I asked her "What do we do to celebrate Christmast?" she said "yaya juli, yayo jose, papa, mama, lucia..." For her Christmas is another opportunity for being with people. I love this sweet girl.


  1. Your little girl sounds so cute and full of love! That's wonderful that you ask her what her favorite part of the day is :) Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm now following you!


  2. She is so sweet. Family is so special. Thank you for linking up to Words of Wisdom Wednesday. I only just noticed it when I was posting this week's. I enjoy visiting your blog. You have such a sweet family.


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