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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lucia's boxes 7 months

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I must admit that I love my boxes. It's just the best system I found to storage toys and it really helps me to rotate them weekly. The only problem they have is the size for some toys or puzzles.
I planed to change Lucia's boxes every two weeks, as she is a baby...well she is like her sister, she played for the hole week with the boxes but then she got bored of them. Maybe this is my problem because I'm always stimulating them. I pray for creativity to keep them engaged!. 1. On Friday : she had Kitchen fun! 2. On Thursday: she explored different ways of using a windmill 3. On Wednesday: she discovered colored sticks with ribbons. I just stapled them toguether.

4.On Tuesday: she explored a rainbow.
5. This was last week box (the only one she wanted to play with) :she rolled, ate and dumped balls.

6. On Monday: she was confused unwrapping her stuff animals. She didn't understand this activity at the beginning of the week, but at wednesday she just got it:)

You are invited to Daddy's time Friday. Just choose some picks of your hubby with the kids and show him some words of love. Please grab my button. I can't hardly wait to see your post:)


  1. Patricia- Thanks for stopping by my site. I love what your doing with the boxes. I will be checking back to see what you are doing and I will try to post more as well.


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