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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny talk Tuesday

My tot is getting more "curious" and "curious" each day. This past week she had a great amount of exploration (doing things that mommy says no). When I caught her in action she quickly said:
- Mommy is happy -with a cute face.
Well mommy said:
- yes mommy is happy but you know that this is a no.
She answered me:
- Mommy is happy- with a cutier face.
This girl cracks me up:)

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  1. Oh, how funny! Whenever my son does something he shouldn't and I scold he says, "It's OK mommy". Like he nipped me with his teeth and I scolded. He said, "It's OK mommy." I said "It's not OK to bite!" It is funny that he says it though, he looks up at me so cute.


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