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Monday, January 24, 2011

Boxes Ideas Tuesday

Tonight I slept over 2 hours, Lucia has got a virus and a urine infection. Tonight she didn't manage to sleep, soooo I could only change two boxes.

Lucia 8.5 months

1. The foam vowels Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers stuck to cups with velcro. She had fun exploring the textures and pulling the vowels of the cups.

 2. Two transparent cups filled with calendar itemsAlma's Designs Today Is
(sun, cloud, snowflakes, kite...) and some numbers. I love our calendar and she loves to explore them. She's getting pretty good at pulling out the items from the cups. She's starting to introduce her fingers inside the cup. As you can see in the picture she doesn't like to wear the right shoe:)
 I managed to change Noarai's boxes as it was urgent because last week I couldn't change them. Noarai loves to play with the boxes but she needs them to be changed weekly because if I don't do it she won't play at all. So this is why I'm trying to find ideas everywhere, she's challenging me a lot!

Noarai 27 months
1. Nuts Edushape Ez-Grip Nuts and Bolts 48 Piece Development Toy
. She managed to pull them out but she didn't try push them in.
 2. Her foam animals alphabetFoam Bath Shapes
. This is quite challenging for her. She loves playing with them in the bathtub and pulling out the letters but, pushing them it's hard for her. But this week for the very first time she did three in a row as you can see in the picture.

 3. Pretend playMattel Kelly *Tiny Steps* doll Playset
. With her small dollies, house and pushchair. She could play with them for 10', it's the longest she had ever played with anything.

 4. Hanging skills. I set up this "clothes stand" with a paper roll, a milk container and a metallic thing I've found on my kitchen, and gave her some hangers. It was a bit challenging for her but she did it.
 5. Straw fun. I prepare an egg container glued in to a cup and some straws to insert. She learnt to bend the straws because if she didn't bend them they were falling down. And also explored new ways to insert the straws as you can see in the picture.

 6. Button art Alex Little Hands Button Art
. She loves this buttons, they are great for practicing colors and fine motor practice. And well she finished all the picture:)

I'm always searching for new ideas to fill my boxes. So If you want you can link up your box ideas. This way we can all share and be more creative the next week. Just grab the botton for boxes ideas Tuesday
Don't forget to come over my blog on Friday for Daddy's time Friday. You can link up a post with pictures of your hubby with the Kids, and show him some words of love for this time.


  1. Great ideas - like always :-).

  2. You have some really great ideas here; like the hanging activity. I also like the foam alphabet animals. Linking up for the first time!


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