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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter and letter d two weeks

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums Tot School 

Last week was a hard one with the first three teeth of Lucia. I didn't had time to blog trying to catch up. So here you've got our two last weeks.

It was a really nice weather in Valencia (Spain), so on Monday we decided to go Hiking through the mountain. Noarai was very happy and singing "Go tell it on the Mountain" (you can see our favorite videos here)
We did for the first time an activity together!!!! It was so funny:) I let Noarai eat grapes and yogurt with their hands, she looked at me strange but really enjoyed it. Lucia had fun finding the grapes.

Then I gave both of them a blue cardboard and had fun fingerpainting with the yogurt. Lucia was amazed with the yogurt all over her hands and Noarai had a blast.

The best thing was observing them. Lucia was learning a LOT from her big sister.
On practical life, Noarai learnt to cut mushrooms. She's getting pretty good with her cutting skills.
On learning time we mixed some winter fun with finishing letter d activities.
As you can see on the picture she had to show daddy our new snowman.
And snowman shared a place on her pushchair with pink baby:)
We did some writting practice (Sorry I can't remember where I printed it)
We sorted uppercase and lowercase from COAH.
We made a shape puzzle (sorry I don't remember where I printed it)
We learned about the USA flag and pointed to anty Rut (Miami) and daddy (New York) places. This material is from COAH.

As the weather was soooo hot we decided to make a sandman and here you've got our "snowman"
And of course she had a lots of fun throwing sand in the water and getting wet.
We continued with the winter theme.
We did our personal snowman. With white rolling painting, even with the hands. Then we stuck pompoms (hair), buttons (face), a green ribbon (scarf) and miniclothespins (arms)

 We had some science practice. She discovered how the balloon rolls under the water, and tried to roll the float next to the balloon all by herself discovering that it didn't float. It was a great unexpected science practice.
 On practical life she had a new chore: loading the washing machine. She loved throwing the clothes inside but pushing them was her favorite.

We did this game from here It was her very first roll a dice game. And we started stucking the numbers to the dots. And then playing we played three times. The first one she was bored. The second one she started to understand the rules. And the third one she wanted to win.

We had fun glueing scarfs and hats to the snowmans.
She painted the numbers I said. The ladders are from Home Grown Hearts.
She did some writting practice from the same place as the roll a dice game.
Each day we find unty house (Miami) and daddy's hotel (New York) and our house (Spain)
We did another activity together. It was winter fun cubes!. On winter is cold as the ice cubes and it snows as the white yogurt. Lucia didn't like the cold sensation but Noarai ate all her ice cubes and he was asking for ice cubes all the week.

This last picture was our musical unit practice that I will be sharing with all the printables and activities very soon.
Sorry for the long post I hope you can enjoy it. 

I'm always searching for new ideas to fill my boxes. So If you want you can link up your box ideas. This way we can all share and be more creative the next week. Just grab the botton for boxes ideas Tuesday

Don't forget to come over my blog on Friday for Daddy's time Friday. You can link up a post with pictures of your hubby with the Kids, and show him some words of love for this time.


  1. I love that you are close to the beach. Cute "snow" man in the sand. Great crafts too.

  2. Wow, You had two fantastic busy weeks. I love the finger painting, and a snowman. I would love you to share your musical unit with us ( you probably know best how to teach music :-))). I hope this week will be less exhousting for you so you could keep up with your great job and have fun with it. Your girls are adorable.
    Hugs from Poland. Ewa


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