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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boxes ideas Tuesday

Noarai's boxes 27 months

1. Mr potato head. She had fan with the glasses. This game has been a bit frustating for Noarai until now, because she needed lots of fine motor skills. She can do half of the head all by herself, hooray!!!

 2. I also prepared this potato head from 2teachingmomies with magnets to practice, and she did a wonderful job. 
 3. I prepared a bag with all sorts of hats. She had fun pulling them outside and inside the bag, and also had fun with the mirror.

 4. The alphabet in spoons and a container. She ate with each letter, she dump them inside the bottle, she made rain of spoons...
 5. Different bottles to open and close.
 6. Mommy's box with hairclips to open and close.

 7. The stick the Dr. gave to her and hairties.
 8. A money bag with small coins. She loved this one and played with it almost everyday.
 9. A puzzle alphabet. She loved to play with the letters, she named each letter with it's picture, but didn't make the puzzle. Maybe next time:)

 Lucia's boxes 9 months

1. She loves to play with bottles nowadays. So I prepared a bottle with juice and a bottle with milk and sealed them.
 2. She loved this mickey's and miney's car. And rolled the images for a long time.
 3. She loved to introduce big buttons in and out a milk container. And for the very first time introduced her arm to pick them. The work we've been doing weeks before with transparent bags and pompons in the same container has given it's fruit this week:)
 4. A transparent ball with an object inside. This week she had started to roll the ball to mommy!!!!!

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