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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boxes ideas Tuesday

I wasn't able to take a picture of all of our boxes but here you've got a few of them.
Noarai 28 months
1. We used the train animal set (only the cover) that aunty gave her as a present to match wooden letters in each wagon.
 2. We had fun stacking animals of the below train on contact paper.
 3. We used the beads for:
a) Beading practice. And she could finally do it all by herself and had really fun with it.
 b) tower practice. She learnt that the spheres doesn't work for building a tower and that the triangle ones only worked in one position.
 c) stacking practice. I used a milk container and punched holes bigger than the sticks. This way she practiced stacking and learnt about balancing.

Lucia 9.5 months

1. I found this cute idea in the imagination tree. She had pulling them out and tasting them as well.
 2. She is loving to stuck and unstuck velcro. So I prepared this matching animals for her.
 3. She really loves books lately. And her favorite was that's not my dolly, she could read it all by herself for 10 minutes.
 4. But this was the really hit of the week. I just came up in the kitchen with this activity. She loves pulling things out for the moment so I gave her a straw box with lots of straws. She had been playing with it the hole week and I'm planning to keep it for another week.
 5. The last one were foam letters with yarn, rope and a bathroom chain. She prefered the bathroom one.
If you want to share your boxes ideas just grab my button and add your link. I'm always searching for new ideas.


  1. cute choo-choo train & letter matching activity!

  2. Wonderful activities!! I especially love the train set. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The train set is fabulous. I have to make one for Antek.


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