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Monday, February 28, 2011

ch for china and purple

Tot School
We had lots of fun with our china videos each day.
We made our dragon (with finger paint and and some tissue paper) and had our dragon dance. I've got the idea from Fryman Four. Grandma join in the fun and even Lucia.

We worked in some ch words on powerpoint and yaya gave to her a "chupachups" It's and special jelly lolly that is made in spain.
We went to a chinese restaurant and you can see in this picture daddy and Noarai saying hello in Chinese. She learned this word thanks to Ni Hao Kai-lhan share, share, share Tag Junior Book. She didn't like to read the book, but she repeated the song of share,share, share and hello in chinesse lots and lots of times.
She's awesome with her fingers and she mastered to eat a lichy with chopsticks for her very first time.
She put her toy umbrella like the chinese girls of the videos.
She enjoyed this spanish abc book from china.
We try to make a lantern. With a balloon, glue and tissue paper. At the end we added yarn and hung it on the family room.

She practiced her big letters (t, l, v)
She painted the bird and mommy made a Kite with yarn and sticks for her.
She filled ch with sticks. I always give her small points to direct where to put the sticks,
And of course we had fun flying our Kite.
The last activity was painting the flag. I used contact paper for the stars and we painted over them all in red. After finishing she stuck them out and painted them in yellow. Finally we hung it in her bedroom.

PURPLE with Lucia
 I had to days that Lucia was woken up for learning time. So we gathered with Noarai's help different purple things from all over the house and set them for her to explore standing up and sitting down on her chair.

She also scribbled with purple colors with lots of mommy's help.
And we all enjoyed a purple snack of graips and cherrys.
Mommy's favorite is Noarai playing with her friend Elisa.

This was all of our week. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Patricia you are such a resourceful person. What a wonderful week. Love your Dragon dance idea. Noarai is so cute eating with the sticks. And you have a very handsom husband ;-) Sorry for the button thing last week. I don't know why I forgot about it. Have a beautiful week.


Thanks for your comments, they make me happy!


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