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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boxes Ideas Tuesday

I found a blog that I love for boxes ideas, is call the imagination tree. They have awesome ideas with every day objects and really engaging for babies and toddlers, if you don't know it go and check it out you will love it.

Lucia 10 months

1. Pulling out pipe cleaners. This idea was from the imagination tree. At first I didn't bended the pipecleaners so it was too easy, then I bended them too much and we found our proper bending position. She enjoyed a lot.
 2. I set two containers of each kind. One with filling like rice, beans or whatever you like and the other one empty. She had a blast shaking them, and when she found the empty one she threw it away.
 Then we did the same activity but standing and she loved to threw them on to the floor.
 3. This was her toilet bag. It was quite challenging for her to open all by herself and she enjoyed pulling out the serum bottles and trying them as well.

 4. She really liked this box. I set her favorite plastic balls in a bag, and she had fun pulling them out and shaking the box as well. Sometimes she got nerveus because she couldn't manage to open the box but I set the bag almost open for her.
 Noarai 28 months
1. Transfering pompoms with tongues. I found at last an easy tongues for her and she had a blast with them.

 2. The same activity of the Imagination Tree I did with Lucia but she insert the pipe cleaners all by herself. The pipe cleaners were too long for the colander so it was quite challenging for her, but she had lots of fun. I think the next time I will cut in a half the pipe cleaners. After a few she tall me "Look mommy the letter H" So we have discovered a new way for working letters:) Thanks imagination tree.

 3. I printed some china pictures (as we were working china), laminated them and put them in a photo album for her to pull them out and in.

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  1. Love the pipecleaner activities - both kiddos look so focused. Your girls are adorable. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun week! I love that you do baby activities too. I'll have to grab your button for my post next week. I'd already posted it before I found your site this week.


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