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Friday, February 4, 2011

Daddy's time Friday- At daddy's office!

Daddy is with us:)))))) I would have liked to take pictures of daddy arriving home, and spending time with us. But as I was enjoying each moment I didn't remember. 

Daddy came with lots of energy and made us three laugh a lot. Daddy and Noarai created a new dance. And Lucia started again to make daddy's smile, it's a different smile than the one she makes for other people I'll try to take a pick of her next week.

Today we went to daddy's hospital. And here you have the picks.
Noarai sat down in the chair all by herself and was very still
 Lucia enjoyed the mirror and explored all the office floor.
Daddy could even mesure her view (I don't know if view is the right term I'll ask daddy:), thanks that Noarai knows all her numbers:

Thanks daddy for having a special time with us this week and for stopping your office work for us. We love you very much.

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  1. your little girls are absolutely adorable! love the educational resources & materials you have made available on your site :) happy to be your new follower * *

  2. So cute! I like that you took them to see daddy at the hospital, at his office. Do you mean he checked her vision? Thanks for hosting!

  3. Linking up again. Sorry it's been a while. Love the pictures you shared.


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