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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Working for a helping heart

This past month Noarai started to have some problems with her chores and anything I asked her. So I decided to accomplish different things to help her change her mind.

1. The thing that she enjoys the most are videos so I searched youtube and found this three awesome videos.We have seen each one for a week.



2. I also realized that I wasn't giving any reward for her good behaviour. So we used the printable "Do anything without complaining" for letter d curriculum RRSP
and each time I caught her doing her job happy we stuck and stick with a happy face. I explained her that when the page was full of sticks we would go by train.

3. The reward. Our first reward was going by bus to a park and our last reward was going by train to Valencia. Here you've got the picks:
a) At the train station

 b) having a walk in valencia
 c) Eating a donut for her very first time. I don't like her to eat sugary items, but as we were studing letter d and in the vocabulary cards we had a donut I gave her the chance.
Just a simple thing as going by train was one of her happiest day ever. She knew that she had worked hard for having this reward.
This simple method was a miracle with her and I have learned that she needs much more rewards than punishments.

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  1. Great lesson! I gave Ella a donut once and it is all she talks about! It doesn't help that a donut came with her kitchen food set!

    I enjoy your beautiful pictures. I thought of you today. My hubby is in your amazing country. He is just a bit south of you in Sevilla. Wish I were there. It is one of my favorite cities! Kerri

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Your children are precious!


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