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Friday, March 18, 2011

Daddy's time Friday

This week we had enjoyed daddy a lott!!!!! I want to start with some pictures of last week that I wasn't able to publish.
Eating at the restaurant with daddy. Thank you daddy because when we were at the restaurant the girls had lots of fun and I could enjoyed a peaceful lunch.

These peaks where from our trip to Madrid. We enjoyed "Faunia" it's an awesome zoo. Daddy asked if the girls could touch the ponys and Lucia enjoyed them a lot.

Daddy caught a butterfly for Noarai and all of the children took turns to hold it. Thanks daddy for been so good at catching butterflies:)
This week in Valencia (spain) we are having a very special holidays called FALLAS. And daddy made sure that the girls enjoyed them.
Noarai had a go in the fair cars with daddy.
Daddy bought lots of firecrackers for the girls and even mommy threw them for her very first time.
Here you can see how Noarai learned to light a firecracker thanks to daddy.

And even Lucia had a turn.
Of course in Fallas we had to eat a good chocolate and churros (strip of fried dough) or pumkins fritters in my sister's favorite place.
Daddy is so funny that after fighting with Lucia for wearing her hearband he tried on. Isn't he cute:)
Daddy allways makes funny things.
One of my favorite moments are bed playing. And these week before going for a duty she spend some time playing with the girls.
He was so sweet that  Lucia melted with his hugs and kisses.

And of course daddy's biggest moment of the week was this. I sent my husband to buy ink for the printer and he came back with this incredible bike. As he said he is know her gym teacher and this is material for teaching. Thanks daddy for teaching Noarai cycling:)
If you want to share some words of love to your hubby for the time he spends with the children, just pick my button and add your post.

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  1. Wao! What a fun week! Daddy really looks cute with his are things daddies do with their little girls....ours does the same lol....Have a great weekend!..Also I had to do our daddy's post to link it! We had a busy weekend with daddy!

  2. Lovely week. I admire your husband for his willingnes to be your model;-). Mine always objects when I want to post his pictures though we have many of them and some a very cute ;-(. Love.

  3. What fun. Your girls have such a great daddy.
    Here is my link for this week.

  4. THanks for the pictures about the firecrackers and the "chocolate con churros". This year we can not eat them but we enjoy watching Noarai and Lucia having fun with the fallas.
    Thank you sister to share this pictures. God Bless you.


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