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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boxes ideas Tuesday

Noarai 29 months and Lucia 10.5
1. Puzzles. Noarai asked this week one day for all the puzzles in the house. So I decided to include two puzzles in the boxes. A three parts puzzle:

2. Even Lucia got his second puzzle. She is really good at pulling the pieces out.
3. I made this long time ago. I photocopied this pieces of a domino and laminated. She had to match the pieces.

4. This Leapfrog train has been one of her favorites when she was 13-14 months. For almost a year she didn't like it at all, on Monday while I was preparing her boxes she brought it to me and asked for having it this week. It was a huge, hooking the trucks, stacking them, singing the song. I can't believe it:)
6. This one started as a kitchen toy, but she enjoyed so much that I added it to her boxes. They are different scarfs in a container.
7. Mobiles box. Both of the girls enjoy the mobiles, so I made a mobile box, with toy phones and an old mobile.
8. With this fish magnet book happened the same as with the leapfrog train. We bought it when she was 9 months old. She enjoyed it a lot and it wasn't used until this week that she asked for it. I'm so happy that she can enjoy again this toys.
9. Daddy brought from a course this big magnet with little people clips, that the girls enjoyed a lot. In the picture the fish magnets are clipped by the little people clips.
10. I took this idea from the imagination tree. And Lucia loved it. I used a big water bottle, made three holes and introduced some objects. I secured the edges with sticky tape and she had lots of fun.
11. I set some items inside this washing machine soup bag. She loved it.

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  1. What great activities! Pita Pocket used to love to pull scarves out of containers as well. :) Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday.


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