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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Letters sh two weeks wrap-up

Tot SchoolScience Sunday

  • Shining star: She poked a star from cardboard, add glue and glittered. And we also talked that when we are happy we shine like a star.

  •  shadows with sh objects: Noarai loves to find her shadow on sunny days so she was thrilled to be able to make shadows at home. We used shoes, shirt, baby dolly's shoulder and a shaking maracca. She used a lantern to make the shadows over the table and the white paper.
  •  Shoe potato stamping: I cut out a shoe shape from a potato, and prepare a sh scanvenger sheet. She stamped the potato over each sh founded.

  • Big letters on the floor: I made a big sh with a washable marker on the floor and she filled it with shape blocks. She did one letter and I did the other one, can you guess who did each one? Well Noarai did the h for the very first time in her life she was focused in one activity for 15':)))) And she did a perfect H.
  • Sh out of playdough: she decided to make the s in yellow and the h in blue. And even her sister join in the fun.
  • shower: we wrote it on the fridge,  she wrote sh on her chore hanger, she prepared her baby for a bath, she showered her baby and dried it

  • Writting on brown sugar: she enjoyed to write her letters until she started to eat and throwing away the sugar. Is was a great activity but when she got desconcentrated she figure out new ways to play:)
  • Shoes: we gathered all Noarai's a Lucia's shoes on the sofa. And we counted them, separate them by color, type. We played a matching pair game. And of course we tried them on. Even Lucia got in the fun. We wrote shoe and we made a graph of the colors. Finally we wrote shoe with shoes on the floor.

  • Sunshine dinner: it was a french omelet, black olives, mayonnaise, and vegetal meat. She asked for this dinner several day in this two weeks.
  • Oil and water /Oil and milk experiment:  I gave her water in two containers. She poured the milk in one and the oil in the other one, and we discussed the different behaviors. Then we observed the separation between the oil on the top and the water, she had fun drawing with the oil over the water. And we finally mixed both containers and observe that the oil was still in the top of the water.
She can recognize from 1 to 3 without counting, and she had done really well with 4 this week as well. We matched flower candles by color and count them.

As we have bought a new vacuum, the old one is hers and she is getting pretty one at vacuum cleaning. She also mastered this week to use the mortar for smashing bread and the knife for cutting. She is a very good helper:)


  1. I love how you always come up with developmental appropiate activities for your girls! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Fabulous week! Love all of your activities!

    Great job on taking the picture through the star! Very clever! It is so cute!


  3. We have fun with oil and water when we make salad dressing, too!

  4. Great activities! I love the variety of things you came up with.

  5. I like the shoe mathing activity very much. Great week Patricia ;-). Love

  6. My kids love to play with our vacuum too.

    That's a very cool flashlight! Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!


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