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Friday, March 11, 2011

Daddy's time Friday

We've been in  Madrid for several day and we enjoyed daddy a lot!!!!!!!!!!
Lucia gets crazy when daddy is around, she has daddy's special smile and she loves to be hugged by him. In the picture you can see her enjoying with daddy the ducks and in the video you can see how she loves to dance and clap with daddy.

When daddy came back home from work one day both of the girls snuggled with him while he was watching the sports. Noarai is starting to say "goooool del barça".

Another day we went to have a walk through Sagunto's castle. It was a nice warm evening and the girls enjoyed a lot.

This picture was taken before daddy trained Noarai that afternoon. She was crying because she though she was going to fall.

Daddy loves to challenge Noarai to do new things. And Noarai loves the "Indian test" as they call them. Her cousin Marcos was the first one to love this challenges and Noarai loves them as her cousin. So this was the "Indian test":
1. Walk into a stone cave.
2. Climb a rock mountain.
3. Climb down the rock. This was her favorite and she broken her tights because she did it around 20 times.
4. Up and down the hill.
5. Running with daddy
6. Walking backwards down the hill.
7. The last test was jumping to daddy. They started to increase the distance and as you can see on the video she did a great job.

Sorry for the position. If you see the video you couldn't believe that one hour before the same girl was crying because she though she was going to fall. Daddy made the magic of turning one scary girl into the most brave little girl I ever seen after her cousin Marcos of course. Thanks daddy for giving such a confidence and motor skills to Noarai.

My favorite picture is daddy walking with his two princesses. We love you daddy thank you for such an exciting week.
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  1. What fun time with daddy! It looks like a nice trip to Madrid. I love that he wears the baby backpack. Watching the dancing video was the best! Go daddy go!

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy the time together!


  3. I am now following you from the Explore Play Learn blog hop and would love a follow back!

  4. Thank you for linking up with Explore, Play, Learn's blog hop.

    Love the idea of an "indian test" (following back)


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