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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain and Fallas

Tot School

This week we had a relaxed week as we were on Fallas Holidays in Valencia (Spain). The first part of the week we enjoyed a rainy theme as it was raining here.
We started making rain shaking wet fingers on a tablecloth. Noarai had a blast with this activity and Lucia was wondering why I was shaking her hand. Noarai was amazed how she could see the "raindrops on the tablecloth".
2. After that we had a rainwalk with our rain boots and waterproof jackets.

 After that we had a warm bath and we made rain in the bathtub. I took the idea from here.
 And while I was dressing up Lucia Noarai came up with this. She asked me to take a picture of it:)
 Lucia had her second blue week. And she explored lots of blue objects, stading up of course.
 She even gave a try to the play-doh and she liked it:) At least until she decided to try it.
 She also started tiring blue paper. And she did an awesome workk.
 And also learnt a lot from her sister.
 Here we are prepared for the blue paint. Well the bin bag didn't stop Lucia to get all blue:)
 We did the same activity of the rain above with water and tablecloth, but know with blue water and tissue paper. All blue!

 We had another rainwalk but know with an umbrella and the rainpushchair cover. It was so nice to enjoy the rain and also a warm day.
 The second part of the week we enjoyed a lot the fallas. Each day we saw this videos. Noarai gave a kiss to each fallera she meet. She's so sweet. But she didn't want to take a picture with them:)
 Both of the girls had fun with the fallas. Even Lucia enjoyed them a lot.
 We used again the teared paper for making a rain, throwing them. Lucia enjoyed this activity a lot, but Noarai lost interest quickly.
 Blue water!!!!! Yes we had a blue bath and No I won't repeat it again. For Noarai was ok, but Lucia had a vagina's reaction.
 We practiced writing Fallas, she loved this wooden letters. It's a very good activity to find the correct letter, to match it and to keep it in it place. You work three times the letters in the same activity.
 In the meantime, Lucia explored all her blue treasures all over the family room (plastic numbers, blue sticks, plastic letters, dolly a ball...)
In fallas, the streets are decorated with the valencia's flag. So we practiced on painting it. It was awesome when the next day she told me "look mommy valencia's flag, redddd, yellowww, reddd, yellowww" I loved when she connected what we learnt at home with the real world.f I used a cardboard patern to help her with the lines.

 While doing the flag Lucia got all dirty because she wanted to paint with her sister. And I gave her a try but this time sitting on the highchair. She painted with color blue on the tin foil. She was amazed of her blue hands more than painting on the tin foil.
 Social time:
 A walk through the mountain with Sofia.
 I really love this picture:)
 At the park with Elisa.
 At the ball park with sofia.
 Even Lucia gave a try to the ball park.


  1. Love the tissue paper rain....I have to try it with Pinky...They are growing up so fast! So cute!

  2. You always have so much fun!

    Love all of the ideas and pictures!



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