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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Africa, jungle animals and color red

Tot School

We made a "jungle" with a cereal box, tin foil, and cardboards. She had fun playing with her jungle animals. It was funny to see her placing all her animals the tiger place was the stone of course:)
 We used tete's birthday jungle decorations for matching our stuffed animals and for deciding which animals were jungle ones and wich ones weren't.
 Lucia had fun exploring all the animals as well. But she prefers dolly's than stuffed animals.
 We went to the library to search for jungle and african books. They had a blast pulling out and reading tons of books.
  On the way home we practiced our 30 family numbers. We found a really big ones and Noarai had a blast asking me to go all the street up and down three times.
 At home we glued the letters of africa to it's place.

 Two mornings this week we went on a "bird hunt". We decided to buy bird food and make a birdfeeder at home. While we were preparing it she had a blast with the bird food so for her very first time she played with a sensory tub of bird food. I can't believe it:)
 And of course she swept all the bird food away. This time we made an square on the floor to direct all the dust and it seemed to help her a LOT!
 This is our bird feeder and water pool.
 Our caterpillars were getting bigger and bigger each day so we had fun reviewing "the very hungry caterpillar manipulatives"
 And we have our very first cocoon!!!!
 I purchased this material from curriclick. It had a match the animal to its hide, that Noarai made really quickly.
 And jungle animals printables that I used for sorting by animals and matching to their names. Noarai read the first letter and then matched.
 Noarai is really focused on pouring water right now. So I bought an strainer for her to play and she had a blast. We added some red glitter to explore as well.
 Even Lucia enjoyed and get all wet splashing and exploring the red water.
I prepared a red box for Lucia to explore. She had a fun pulling the objects outside and inside the plastic water bottle
 And playing with each red object.
 She started to practice her balancing skills.
 She ate red strawberries.
 And even explore while I was cooking red tomatoes, and red pepper.
 Her sister decided it was fun to make a choo-choo train
 Noarai is always taking care of Lucia, feeding her, washing her hair and body, giving her toys for playing... she's copying everything I do with Lucia.
 My favorite picture of the week was taken by daddy and it's a bit blurry but I love the naughty face she has.


  1. It looks like you have been busy with many fun activities for your girls! I love the animal habitat - so simple but plenty of fun!

  2. Patricia
    What a great week again. I love the bird feeder you made. It seems that you incorporate more and more Montessori directed activities. Noarai is doing such a great job with sweeping the floor and taking care of Lucia:-)
    I must catch up with all your previous posts ;-)

  3. What a great week! The girls are so sweet together!

  4. I love how you incorporated nature into so many of your learning activities. Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday!

  5. I'm a new follower, here on a blog hop. I run a home daycare and love your ideas. I hope you'll follow me too!

  6. Wonderful works!!! Your girls are so adorable!



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