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Friday, April 8, 2011

Daddy's time Friday

Last week was Daddy's 30th birthday and instead of writting daddy's Friday I enjoyed it with him:) This week we had enjoyed a lot daddy's time. I want to start with one of my favorites: daddy reading Jonah to the girls, Noarai loved this story thanks to daddy. I love to hear from Noarai  "mommy please a bible story" and that is mostly thanks to daddy.
 This week we studied Africa and Daddy and Noarai enjoyed The Lion King (only the first part, Noarai really stopped watching the film when The King Lion was death). This was one of my favorite's Daddy's movies when he was a child. Thanks for sharing this cuddle moments with her.
 Lucia enjoyed a lot dancing with daddy one night. This daddy is so funny:)
 Daddy has a bit of monkey inside and the girls loved to climb the tree or eat them;)
 Daddy taught Noarai how to water the trees and she did a great job.
 Even Lucia and mommy got a turn. Thanks for this wonderful moments.
 And the trip of the week was going to Bioparc (a zoo)  where they saw all of the African animals we were studying. Mommy was sick in bed and daddy gave the girls an awesome afternoon. Thank you very much daddy. The pictures below were taken by daddy.

Here you can see the otters saying hello to the girls.

 Lucia talking with the lemur.
 Noarai preparing leaves to feed the girafe.
 Having fun at the hippo's tank.

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