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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boxes Ideas Tuesday- 30 months

I have a mixed up of jungle and spring time theme. I decided to change the boxes in several days rather than in one day because it was exhausting for me:) Sorry I didn't take a picture of Lucia's next week I'll share them.
1. Some jungle books. We are lucky to enjoy "tete Marcos and tata Naiara's" (my cousin) books! Noarai loves minibooks.
 2. Dress up Bear. She only wants to play with the happy face. Every time I came into her bedroom I changed the face and she quickly put her happy face back.
 3. Pouring "smelling" flowers.
 4. Jungle display with jungle animals. We did it with a cereal box, tin foil for the water, cardboard for the grass and sand and rocks and palm trees. It wasn't really cool but she loved it and we did it toguether.

 5. Flowers to insert on a milk lid box. She liked this one a lot.
 6. Feathers for stucking.
 7. Button flower art. She loves to pull out the template and do her own patterns.

 8. Wooden blocks. Another heritage from our cousins:)
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