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Sunday, April 3, 2011

two weeks of Spring

Tot School

We had lots of fun with our spring videos this week. Even Lucia enjoyed them.

For starting our theme we had a hike with daddy and learnt lots of spring things.

 We made our flower with hand, foot and forearm prints. It's an idea from home grown hearts.

 Then we went to the plant shop to enjoy all the different flowers. Noarai wanted to bring them all home:)
 We reviewed some vocabulary cards with sh and ch, as I wasn't sure if she was understanding the concept. Thanks aunty for this awesome material:)
 While she was seewing a caterpillar Dora had a letters lesson. She said that she was her teacher and she had to play with the letters.

 We worked on carissa's spring tot pack, with the mini book and our sightword was "see". She wrote it with her wooden letters.

We had leaf painting with olives in closed tupperware's. And here you can see Lucia trying them. When they were dried we added them to our flowers

We also had wipe painting. Noarai thought it was a good idea so I let her do it. She used 10 wipes but she did great. Even Lucia got in the fun. After painting we glued pompoms for the face and add sticks for the rays with sticky tape.
 Noarai's  sun.
 Lucia's sun
 And of course we had a beautiful spring door.
We added a new composer: Handel with his "Hallelujah". She enjoyed this song a lot and we added it to our spring videos
And of course we had to listen to the spring of Vivaldi, the minuetto of Back and the hallelujah of Handel. We made a really fun story for the spring of Vivaldi I'll ask my husband to record it.
We had an spring "steeplechase". She had to bring me the spring objects in the other part of the room (butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars, flowers)
She did lots of water pouring.
She made part of the carissa's abc's from the spring tot pack (link above)
We enjoyed our bird felt material. We learnt about bird houses
she sorted them by size
she made color patterns red-brown
We went to look for spring moss in the mountain.

I made this sequenze game for her. In the walk we saw buds, flowers, petal falls and fruits. I made a picture of them and she ordered them. She liked this activity a lot. And it was a great way of bringing the knoledge learnt in the hike home for a deep learning.
We used this material from 2teaching momies. To spell umbrella and talk about the rain clothes we need for spring. The tiger and the ball was her "baseball" found of the day, after playing solo time she told me: "look mommy baseball" and all day lond was carrying her baseball suplies with her:)
But the best spring activity of all has been the caterpillars. Grandma gave us 36 caterpillars, and daddy taught Noarai how to feed them and take care of them. This is her very first pet and she has been really happy with them all week. As she is really careful I gave her the freedom to take them each time she decided. She loved to pick each one, to caress them, to feed them with the leaves, to see them making poops. She has been with them 20 minutes each time and four or five times each day. I'm really amazed, this long time of concentration for her is amazing.
At last she has mastered to make a three part puzzle.
So I prepared a puzzle with the flower we enjoyed at the hike.
We made number flowers. I took the idea from Hart2Hart just changed the toothpicks for candle flowers.
We worked on family 20 and 30 with our rocks. It's an easy and fun game, just take the stone and say the number of the space you are going to put the stone on. We played it 4 times. Awesome for my big girl.
Finally we had some writing practice, she learnt to write letter u, and practice x. Lucia enjoyed exploring the markers.
We finished our abc puzzle from the tot pack.
This week Noarai has increased a lot her concentration time. We had lots of spring fun.


  1. What a fun week! I hope you're enjoying some springy weather too.

  2. 36 caterpillars? What a fun gift! I can understand why your daughter likes them! Just wait till they are all butterflies-such fun!

  3. How fab! I love spring too and have lots of nice sppring activities planned which I will share on my blog as soon as I remember to buy camera batteries lol


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