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Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's time Friday- Again!!!

Sorry I missed last week post, but my sister and her family were arriving to Spain from Miami, and I didn't manage to write my post.
This week I haven't got a lot of pictures because daddy has gone on a trip, we miss him a lot!!!!!.
Yesterday night over 2am, Noarai began to call "daddy....., papa...., Jero......, J..e....r...o" As you see in English, Spanish and by his name, I was amazed that she could spell daddy's name. Both of the girls are missing daddy a lot, they are daddy's girls:)

On the swing with daddy. Both of the girls want to stay with daddy at the same time, so daddy took them together.
 Playing tents on the bed. Daddy trew the duvet on the girls and they kept saying more and more for a long time.
 My favorite is this one, going to church with daddy.

We love you very much daddy. Thank you for the games and the special time you spend with the girls.

If you want to share some words of love to your hubby for the time he spends with the children, just pick my button and add your post.

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  1. They are getting cuter and cuter each day. Lovely girls ;-) And bravo for daddy for sharing quality time with the girls ;-)


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