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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pink, If I were a butterfly and reading

Tot School
I haven't been able for a month to write a post. And in this time we've started a reading program that fits Noarai. We were struggling with whole language aproach: Noarai didn't want to read the books and at the same time she was keeping asking to me to teach her how to read. So I was sure this wasn't the appropiate aproach for her. I don't remember how I came up with this method: Teach your children to read in just 10 minutes a day But it was just the appropiate for her, now she's the one asking me to read and I love it:) She has made a great progress when she reads Hug she quickly give me a big one, or when she reads got she wrongly sings "O god you are my god" She is not only reading sounds but relating them to real words and she is not guessing the words but reading them.

So from the letter of the week we are only working writting skills because she doesn't want to repeat any of the activities we used to do, with the letters. Well she knows her letters and this activities doesn't motivate her anymore;(
Here you can see her erasing on the window letter"u".
 Her favorite was writting on brown sugar and eating of course. Here she is writting an "l"
 Of course she loved to wipe away all her work.
 She loved to write her letters while I do some laundry.
She read her words on balloons and then pricked them.
 But this one is her favorite for sure. She reads a word in the bathroom wall, wipes it away and paint her lips or eyes.

Music time: This week we have review our music (messiah of Handel, spring of vivaldi, minuetto solm of Bach, and queen of the night of Mozart) and this week we have introduce one instrument the trumpet and the  summer of vivaldi. We love to listen to the music on lunch time or on chore time, this week the girls asked for the music several times. And Lucia is beggining to say Bach:)
 Noarai is improving playing the xilophone and here you can see them looking at our music powerpoints. Someday soon I would love to share them with you.
Painting with pink yogurt.
Dumping cookies in pink yogurt.
Playing cakes with homemade playdough, while Lucia mastered to climb on and off the sofa all by herself.
Lucias turn to play cakes.
Painting with shaving cream and pink food colorant. Noarai enjoyed mixing the colorant and Lucia got all pink.

We are so happy that my sister has brought some easter eggs from miami. We don't have those in Spain and I was impatient to try all the games I saw in different sites. The girls are having a blast just opening and closing them. So we did our first game with them and was finding the matching sound. Noarai filled them with rice, noodles and beans and then tried to match them, beans was easy but the other ones were difficult. I will try them next week again with other ingredients. Lucia had a blast just shaking them:)
In the first bath of the summer Noarai came up with a counting activity. She filled the turtle with all the balls that we have and then she counted one by one as she placed them outside. Lucia first observed and when Noarai ran away she started to put the balls one by one outside making noises with her mouth it was sooooo fun.

More counting activities: Noarai started to bring all her dolls and placed them in the pushchair counting.
Each time Lucia see the letters on the fridge or on the books or anywhere she points at them and says "a" So I decided to introduce her the letters as she is aware what are they and of course I started with letter A. Playing on the muffing tin with all our magnetic letters.

We also recieved from Miami our dot a dot paintings. We don't have those in Spain and both of the girls got enloved with them. We had fun with the "If I were a butterfly song" and we started to make a minibook of all the animals. Here you can see the octopus with dots and the Kangaroo with glitter.

Lucia has new chores at home:
a) Dump her diaper.

b) wipe her table
c) And helping pulling the humper back to the bathroom.
We also had a very important week for Lucia as we have started "elimination communication" with Lucia after one year of rushes and fungus I decided I'm going to give a try to this diaper free philosophy. Big sister has been a big helper and Lucia is doing a great job.

Of course this week we had lots of playing with "tata" her cousin and she practiced her cycling skills.
My favorite is our three girls together.


  1. Looks like a great week - I love all the art activities. That's wonderful that you found a reading program that works for your family. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! :)

  2. All kinds of fun going on!! And potty training too. You're definitely a busy mommy.

    Just popping in from tot school.


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