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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Letter F, North America, Caterpillars, Green...

Tot School
Noarai is 42 months and Lucia is 24 months old

In geography we were working on North America. We had fun pretending to be the statue of Liberty.
In letters we worked on F finding different objects starting with F all over the house.

We introduced the concept of Medium  to Lucia and we had fun comparing our feet (shoes) and painting our feet trace.

We made frog feet stamping and our F for feathers craft, and Noarai wrote her name all by herself:)

We had fun singing the "Harry, Harry, drive the firetruck". I made in foam (a firehouse, a firetruck, the ladder and the hose) Lucia loved it. And of course we acted the song with our hats and stearing wheel.

We plant our beans with wet cotton and we had fun everyday tracking the changes.

We had lots of fun playing, feeding and cleaning the box of our caterpillar. We learned about constancy on feeding everyday our caterpillars because we forgot it for two days and some of the caterpillars died, the following days Noarai reminded me each day to feed them. They also learned about butterflies and we compared the differences between our caterpillars and the butterfly we had. It was challenging to hold the caterpillar and to pass them to her sister so it was challenging fine motor work as well.

Green bath painting. They loved this activity, they are asking to paint everyweek in the bathtub. I used shaving cream with food colorant, it's perfect for cleaning and for sensible skins.

Lucia it's reviewing her numbers from 1-5 and we played the "water game" they jumped from number to number and if they fall down I sprinkle some water on them. They loved to be sprinkled.
Learning to trace number one and number two.
Preparing our poster of North America. We worked on some of the different races we find there: afroamerican, native american, mexican, american.

We painted our outline of North America and glued: the golden bridge, the white house and the statue of Liberty (we worked them the weeks before) and the different races as well.

I used contact paper for preserving the map and for stucking it to the wall. Every morning we sing our song of North America and we point to everything on the map (I will make a video for the next week)

For music day I introduced The letter G with Gorilla. We made the Gorilla dance in front of the mirror, we played our song with the instruments, and on the xilophone and we finished writting our music sheet of the song. Noarai is getting pretty good at reading music sheets:) I hope to share more of this music work soon.

And this last photo was taken by Noarai of her grandmother "yaya Juli" I'm amazed at how good she's getting at taking pictures.

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