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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elephant day

Tot School 1. We started with an elephant hunt. I hunted the sized elephants from . This was the introduction for our theme week. And after that we stuck it on our learning poster.

2. Then, we saw our computer links for elephants: a) Some links about real elephants: one of elephants playing and another for the elephant noise . b) Our song of the week was Elli the elephant we sang and applied actions she loved it: and I also found a chant that Noarai liked to watch . 3. We worked the elephant pattern of we only made the first pattern of two because she’s starting in patterns. I sang the colors (green G- pink E)and she did it great. I sang G-E-G-E with the name of the color and for the last ones I only sang without word and she completed with the word and looked for the colors to fill in the gaps. This way you are practicing patterns, words memory and music.

4. We worked color matching with the materials in She had trouble matching the puzzle as you can see in the picture but she did perfect with color matching.

5. I made this size elephant matching for Noarai with the elephants size sort of . As she’s young we are only working three sizes, and the rest of the elephants were used for the first activity and for the learning poster. I stuck it on a sheet and printed two more pages for size sorting.

6. Elephant craft: first we painted blue crayon our blue elephant (the lacing card from ), then we finger painted a blue tissue paper and finally we stuck it all together to a blue cardboard.

We had a really good learning time!


  1. looks like a lot of fun- you have a sweet family

  2. awaw she is very sweet! I see you are living in Spain-how lovely! Are you Spanish? Do your children learn Spanish too then? My husband is French (I am English and we live in England though) so he speaks to our children in French in the hope they learn two languages!x


Thanks for your comments, they make me happy!


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