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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cylinders fun and number 13

She loves the pushpins and this activity was a hit. Oh well, i'm allways wondering why my girl can't do any activity for more than 2'. And more when i read that other children enjoy activities for 20 or more minutes. Noarai had never been on one activity for more than 2'. She can work really well for 1 hour and 30 minutes but with very short activities. This activity was a hit because she was 6 minutes working on it!!!!! 4. We had fun working again with cylinders a) We found the shape on a book.

b) We searched the house for cylinders and make a tower with all the things we had found and line them up on the table. c) We sorted our cylinders, roll them on the floor, stack them and dumped in the box

5. We did our science experiment: sink and float she had really fun. The first days she just explore the items, then i asked her before if the item she was going to use will float or sink.

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