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Monday, October 11, 2010

Letter v (first week)

Tot School

First of all sorry for the long post and for the directions of the pictures i had problems with them. 1. We worked on our vocabulary words from RRSP and of course she put on daddy’s vest.

2. We continued with our cylinder projects . This time with colors. She painted each cylinder (sorry I didn’t get pictures of that because I was helping her), and when they got dry matched colors for making the letter v. We mixed colors, letter and shape. Finally we found our cylinders and identified their colors.
3. She found magnetics v’s and placed them on the fridge .

4. Pushpin work, she loved that one all 19 pushpins all by herself! 5. Vocabulary collage from Homeschool Creations . She enjoyed glueing with the bar stick as we usually do liquid glue and for sure I will repeat .

6. Capital and lowercase work with clothespins from Homeschool Creations. She can handle 4 cards the clothespins are really a motivation;) 7. H and V beginning vocabulary sorting from Homeschool Creations . 8. ABC Wood puzzle. As she couldn’t make all the puzzle because that needed lot of attention and work, I took one letter from each page (a total of 5) and she matched them in it’s place. This way I worked on letter recognition and fine motor practice as well but keeping her attention. 9. We did our v for base from No Time For Flashcards (add link)

10. Glass painting!!!! She loved this one, painting with all the markers inside the lines. This way we introduced v tracing and diagonal movements. 11. Diagonal paper tracing not as fun as glass one but she’s starting to ask to do it all by herself. That’s a sign of her fine control development because she has been an independent girl from the very first moment she was born. The working sheet is from RRSP (see link below). 12. We painted our memory verse from RRSP and she wanted to trace her hand and her very own one way Jesus (as she calls it)

13. Candle play. This is one of her favorite activities I changed the materials (flowers, sticks). This week we made candles.
14. Letter V search from Home Grown Hearts and v blending from the same place.

15. Vegetable working sheet (add link). 16. Capital and Lowercase sorting from Home Grown Hearts. She didn’t understand the difference between them and it was a completely disaster. I will repeat this activity again next week.

NUMBER DAY 1. We did our vegetable wheel barrows from Home Grown Hearts. She enjoyed this one a lot.

2. Playdough 13.

3. Finger paint vine with 13 leaves and magnetic numbers placed on the fridge. 4. Cup and flag matching game.

5. Caterpillar number construction from Confessions of a Homeschooler (add link)
Cooking and Cleaning Friday 1. We made a bread with sausages and some stacking fruit for Sabbath lunch.

2. She helped me with some floor wash (with her dolly of course) she’s getting better on walking backwards, and some dusting.

SENSORY TUB: Cristal rocks and an empty bottle.

Mommy’s favorite!


  1. Looks like she is having a lot of fun! COAH is one of my favorite sites for my tot.

  2. Wow - so many great activites! I love the glass painting. Thanks for linking to Toddler Tuesday! :)

  3. Lots of great ideas. I am going to try the candle activity and the push pin activity with my son. I think he will love both of them.

  4. What a great week of ideas! I think I'm going to borrow your cylinder idea and the gems and bottle idea. Thanks for sharing!


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