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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TIny talk Tuesday

I was cooking when Noarai came into the Kitchen and said:
Noarai: "Look mommy, two babies fit, Do you like it?"
Mommy: "Of course it's a very good idea"
Noarai: "Mommy babyyyy? touch face"
Mommy: "Do you want mommy to give him a kiss? Ok, what a beautiful baby (kiss)"
Noarai: "Mommy the other oneeee!"
Mommy: "You are cute as well, how could I forget (kiss)?"
Noarai: (with a proud face of her babies)

She has been all week saying: "Do you like it?" She's such a beautiful girl and a proud mommy of her babies:)


  1. I love recording the things my daughter says, they are so much fun to look back on!

  2. Your daughter is so sweet, taking care of her little babies!

  3. I love those pictures!! New follower here!

  4. Children mimic in play what they see in life. You must be a loving mother to her, too. Both your daughters are adorable.


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