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Monday, August 16, 2010

Potty training and 10-20

Tot School
Noarai is 21 months
1. We started with the videos of the potty week and added some number videos: a) Potty videos: - song: my daughter loves this song. It’s catchy and the girl is really nice. We have been seeing this video and singing the song all week while we are potty training ( ) And finally she’s almost potty trained! - Boys and girls in the potty: this little boy is having so much fun reading and clapping himself and I wanted her to see the potty as a fun achievment ( ), this boy is reading a book all by himself and that helped him to get motivated to read as well and helped him to be more time sitting down on the potty ( ), and finally this boy made all the process pulled down pants, sitting, making pee and cleaning it up ( ). If you’re interested the method I followed with is here , it’s been great for us.
b) Number songs: - 1-20: this one it’s nice because the numbers are animals ( ) - 10-20: this one it’s funny because you can see the hens dancing and it’s good because the child can see that number one is the same for 10-19 and only the second number changes ( ) - And for review 1-10: she loves this song and counting her fingers and toes so this song it’s a hit ( )
2. Then we filled number 19 with stickers. I used two colors to help her concentrate.
3. I wrote the numbers 10-20 with a permanent marker on the sticks and we put them on her fingers and toes, on her arms, and also all over the house ;)
4. We made our caterpillar ( ). She was wearing daddy’s necktie for her N words of the week.
5. We made our number folder but with number 19 added (sorry this picture was from the previous week I ran out of battery in my camera). It was made with a cereal box, Velcro and markers and she loved it. 6. Then we finger painted our octopus numbers up to 19. Here you’ve got the link ( )
7. We did a magnet page I prepared for her. I found some magnets at the dollar store and I wrote numbers from 10-20 with permanent marker and she matched them.
8. Finally mommy’s last number project. I took some disposable cups and made a hole on the bottom and stuck on each cup a stick with the numbers from 10 to 20. Then I took sticks and stuck on each one cardboard with the numbers from 10 to 20. This activity was a hit number matching, fine motor skills and a really concentrate toddler!
Mommy’s favorite, my two girls ready for church!


  1. Love your cup activity! We are also potty training right now. It's tiring and trying on me, but she is getting it and I am so proud of her! Isn't it fun to see them succeed and be proud of themselves, too?

  2. Hello Lana, my daughter loves the cup activity as well. And potty training it's really hard for them and for us. Noarai has been napping 3 and 4 hours because she's exhausted. And for us all day cleaning:) well I like to see her proud as well. Thanks for your comment! I can't email you back i hope you can read this.


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