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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Give me your water

Acting Balanced"The Lord will guide you allways; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-schorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden like a spring whose waters never fail" Isaiah 58:11

I was asking God, how I can overcome a dry moment in my marriage. How I can be patience if everyday we've got the same problems, kind if there are some words that have hurt me,  not self-seeking if I'm thirsty of love, not easily angered if our relationship is getting hard, not keeping records of wrong if I've got so many to count, always trusting if we always have the same problems, always persevering if I just feel some times like giving up.
As we are working in our marriage as a couple, I have realized that my attitude is not helping at all. That I have lots of anger I don't like, that I get discourage and grumpy at the first problem. And I say to The Lord please guide me. You know that I need to be loved!!!
This morning he has given me this verse as a present. God is with us allways, he has the better water to water our garden even if we are in a sun-schorched land.
So my prayer today is: God feel all my needs and help me to be a blessing for my husband and my family. Help me revive and work for this marriage each day. God streghthen my marriage.
As I was looking at this picture I was thinking about Lucia and Jero's relationship. She's open to the love of her daddy, she is filled with all her needs, she gets excited of just seeing him passing by, she giggles in delight if he kisses her. God, help me to be filled with all your love and enjoy him in the same way.
This is my wish for this new year!!!!!! And my present for daddy:)

Come over tomorrow and link up to Daddy's time Friday. Just pick some pictures of your husband with the kids and show him some words of love. Happy Christmas!!


  1. You've set worthy goals and I'm sure God will help you reach them. This verse from Isaiah is one of my favorites! Love the pics of your little ones. Blessings!

  2. What a blessing the Lord gave you that verse today. Thank you for sharing your heart and how great is it that you desire to be a blessing to your husband and children. May God fulfill this prayer and enrich your marriage as you move through this challenging season.

    I have already written my daddy post and it will auto-post tomorrow (I just have to remember to use your link up while I'm out of town.)

    Merry Christmas to you also!!

  3. It can be hard when life seems dry... I know I have been there... the verse you chose is perfect, meditate on that and also be like the tree by the waters in Ps 1! God Bless
    Julie (Thirsty for Thursday Hop)

  4. I've learned that the more annoyed we become with the people around us, the more that there's something in us that God wants to change. His solution is never that the other party changes but that our perception of them though His eyes changes and thus our attitude changes along with our perception.

    Hang in there!

    Thirsty Thursday Hop - At Least a Hamburger Happy Meal


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