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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letter J and Christmast week

The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft Collection

Tot School

Sorry, I'm a bit late for Tot school but I had the Christmast concert yesterday and didn't find time to post.
We enjoyed each morning playing with our Bethlehem set, she loved to sit on her chair while we reacted the story.
 2. She's loved to read books to her sister this week.
 3.We used the Christmast set color cards to match pompoms. We have enjoyed this pack a lot, thanks Carissa!
 4. She sorted smalls and medium pompoms.
 On practical life she learned to cut greenbeans and it has been a great helper this week, because I use greenbeans almost with every meal:)
 Noarai got dressed with an angel costume and Lucia with a sheperd costume. We had fun acting the angels telling to the sheperds that Jesus was born scene with song included.
 This week she has also learned to spread the cheese on the bread.

 5. She has sorted by size, from the Christmast pack above.
 5. She sorted people and animals.
 6. And loved the pattern activity, she has just understand how to do it.
 7. She attempted to cut all by herself, but just for a few minutes and then she asked for help.
 8. We filled a big letter J with our blocks.
 9. She made the J for Jump, she loved this activity. All you need is paint, bath toys and a cardboard with the letter.  We made a lowercase in this case.
 10. She loved this counting activity (from the set). We did it three different days and the last one, she did it all by herself.
 11. She practiced her writing skills with big letters and we attempted this letter T worksheet from Carissa's Thanksgiving pack.

12. We made Christmast cards for the family I don't remember where I saw this idea. They are reindeers made by thumbprints, crayons and pompoms. Finally she wrote in each card the letters T in Christmas. This activity took us the hole week.
13. We saw this videos: Baby Jesus Lullaby and the Friendly Beasts. She loved to use our Bethlehem set with the songs.
14. We find our letter J.
15. She sorted lowercase and uppercase from COAH
17. We did our Jellyfish from Homeschool Creations and she decided that this will be a present for...I'm not going to say it, it must be a surprise:)

18. We continued with the COAH activities she enjoyed this very much and learned the difference between Lowercase and uppercase.
19. She has concluded the second map from reading eggs. This summer we discovered this program and made a free trial for two weeks. She has got in love with it and so do I. You can make a free trial and see if it suits you. As Noarai doesn't now how  to use the mouse, she points  each answer on the screen and I click for her. The lessons are very slowly graduated, with songs and books after each lessons.

20. We made more presents: a book mark and a necklace with pompoms she has loved to use the needle and the threat.

I don't have a picture but she has learnet with the calendar time to count up to 29!!!!
We have started baby learning time. It's a time where we play with Lucia's boxes together and she loves to teach her sister and play peakaboo with her.

Our favorite thing of the week, has been the birth of baby Juan. Noarai's and Lucia's cousin from my sister in law. We are very happy with our little baby Juan!!!!

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  1. Oh, I love seeing her happy face working with the Nativity Pack!!! So glad you liked it! Merry Christmas!

    ;-) Carisa


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