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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boxes ideas Tuesday 8months and 26 months

Lucia 8 months

This week she was quite motivated to play. As soon she got up from nap or night time she wanted to play, so we had lots of fun together.
1. Puzzle of the animals. She loved to take all the pieces, and we sang our animals song. You can see it here and other baby action songs we love.
2. She had fun with the soft blocks, they make sounds as well and everything with a sound atracts her attention right now.
3. She explored playing the tambourine with the legs and played it one day for 5 minutes without interruption.
4. We worked on big and small. With our flowers and this week introduced our reindeers. You can see our song here.

5. This was her favorite toy of the week. It's a recicled and punched box with colorful sticks. She had a blast pulling the sticks out of the box. Some of the holes where too challenging for her as they were too small, so I decided to make them bigger. And of course she ate them as well.

6. This was a bit frustrating for her as she couldn't take the fish out of the line. But she enjoyed spinning them around and pulling them side to side.
7. This was one of her favorite games 1 month ago and this week we played again for motivating streching and crawling skills.

Noarai 26 months

1. Foam blocks. She did nice patterns of "houses" as she called them.
2. She poured coconut (snowflakes) from cup to cup.

3. She had fun undressing her doll, is quite motivated in undressing all her dolls so I decided to have a box for that.
4. Scooping cristal roks into the mini "4 in a line" game closed.

5. She used tongs for transfering pompoms into an egg container.
6. She finally got into building her train construction set. The first time in 6 months I can't believe it:)

7. She played with her snowman like if it was a dolly.
8. She balanced dancing snowmans on the foam blocks and sang 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed and dumped one at a time singing the song. It was so funny the transferenced she made with the snowmans. And of course she decorated her Christmas tree with the snowmans.

9. The last box was her favorite one. And was a piggy bank with coins. I forgot to take a picture as it was in another place of the house because she played with it all day long.

Mommy's favorite is baby playing time, exploring Lucia's boxes together and in this picture her farm set.I love to see them playing together.

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  1. Great week as always! Take care, Kerri

  2. You have so many wonderful activities for your little ones!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Following you back. You might like to stop by I like all the ideas that you are showing are your site.


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