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Monday, January 10, 2011

Letter d

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums Tot School 

This week she has enjoyed the squeezer maching and made all by herself her juice most of the days.

 1. We started our week making letter d's. It was easy and fun. We used paper rolls, pipe cleaners and paint. She was all week proud of her d's.

 2. We did some writting practice from RRSP.
 3. We made our d's with foam blocks. The template is from COAH

4. We made our dot a dot page from COAH (same link above) with finger paint and the eraser of a pencil. We changed the color to help with concentration.

 5. We spoke that d was for doll. And we sit down on the sofa with all her dolls (and tata Naira's). We had a blast with them. We worked: biggest-smallest, cunting and separate them by: color blue ones-pink ones, by haired ones-bold ones, by the ones who were wearing shoes-without shoes. She loved this activity.

 We made this winter activity from 2teachingmomies separating summer clothes and winter clothes.
 We colored this dinosour template from COAH.
 And this was her favorite project. D for daddy. I prepared pictures of both of them together, she cut them and stuck them on a small d.

 We worked spelling big DAD and small dad (uppercase and lowercase) matching red ones to the template.

And this week was her grandfather birthday. We sent you lots of love "yayo pepo".
I'm always searching for new ideas to fill my boxes. So If you want you can link up your box ideas. This way we can all share and be more creative the next week. Just grab the botton for boxes ideas Tuesday

Don't forget to come over my blog on Friday for Daddy's time Friday. You can link up a post with pictures of your hubby with the Kids, and show him some words of love for this time.


  1. Your doll sorting activity is realy nice. I bet your baby girl had a great time. I'm planning to do the same activity with my boys' cars which we have tons of. The one with sticking daddy's pictures to the letter templet is also a very good idea. I like when activities are so personalised. They activate babies schemata and add to better understanding. Have a beautiful night. Hugs. Ewa

  2. A great week! Love your awesome activities and she had a blast for sure! Once I did almost the same activity with my daughter's dolls....she was having a when she woke up she found all her stuffed animals and dolls having a tea party on the livingroom. She was amazed of how they had move and were waiting for her. I'll have to try this one!
    Btw! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am a doctor but I still have to take the board test here on USA in order to do my residency. My husband is doing his first (Psych), whish finish this year. Then I could start with mine. Take care!

  3. I love the "dad" activities! Very clever!

  4. We are doing D next week. I'm going to "steal" your idea of making Dd's out of tubes and pipe cleaners. So clever!


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